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Guide Snap hacking guide



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Aug 30, 2021
    Download the following apps:
    1. Ring4
    2. Google Authenticator
    3. Free VPN (be connected to a VPN when you log in to snapchat hide your location, wont work with ring4)

    Your first step is to create an account with the Ring4 app and choose a burner phone number. Enter targets phone number and type the following in the subject field.

    Hello “usernajme”,
    A suspicious login attempt has been detected on your account. If this was not you, please reply with the 6 digit security code sent to your device under a separate notification.
    Snapchat Support Team

    Before sending the text message, open snap and enter the targets username and then click forgot password. Reset password via SMS and enter the targets phone number. Click send and then IMMEDIATELY flip over to Ring4 and send your text message. Do this very quickly to make it look authentic. Before they reply, have the following message ready to send to them. I use this in hopes that they reply with their My Eyes Only code(if they have it set up).

    Login blocked. As an additional layer of security, please reply with a unique 4 digit code. This will be used the next time you login. Your security is very important to us.
    Snapchat Support Team

    If they reply with a 6 digit security code, IMMEDIATELY send the message above(again, to make it look more authentic). While they’re reading this message, you need to enter their recovery code into snap and change the password.

    If they reply after code expires, send this:

    Hello “username”, This security code has expired. For your security, codes expire after 5 minutes. Please enter the new 6 digit security code sent to your device under a seperate notification. Snapchat Support Team

    As soon as you log into snap go to settings, two factor authentication, authentication app, and then set up automatically. This will open Google Authenticator and will provide you with a 6 digit token. Copy that token and enter into snap. This disables their ability to log in while you’re in the account which would otherwise kick you out. It’s possible for them to change their password while you’re doing this but it will not log you out. IT’S EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO TURN THIS OFF BEFORE YOU LOG OUT OF THEIR ACCOUNT OR THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOG BACK INTO THEIR ACCOUNT EVER AGAIN.

    When you’re logging into snap, if you get a suspicious login, you can either resend the original text message and hope that they reply with another security code, or you can disconnect from VPN and try logging in again. This works for me the majority of the time. Just make sure to disconnect from WiFi and turn off location services if you try it this way.

    If they have two factor authentication enabled, send the original message again and hope they reply with a code. You only have one-five minutes to get a code from them before it expires.

    You can also try send this message it works most of the time to get them to send another code

    Thank you for verifying. As an additional preventative security measure, please reply with one more 6 digit code sent to your device under a separate notification. Snapchat Support Team

    If they have My Eyes Only turned on and the method above doesn’t provide you with the right code, try this message.

    New passcode request for: ‘My Eyes Only’. Code: 3198. If you did not request a new passcode, please reply with your current ‘My Eyes Only’ passcode. Your security is very important to us.
    Snapchat Support Team

    If they still don’t reply with their code, just try guessing it. I’ve had a lot of girls use the code 2580(straight down the middle).

    And that’s it. I’d suggest turning on push notifications for Ring4 so you can do other stuff while waiting for a reply from the target. DO NOT keep snap open while you do all of this though. It will count down from 60 seconds, however, the security code is valid for approx 10 minutes. It will not count down if you have snap open in the background but make sure it doesn’t auto close. Sometimes these girls will reply after the 10 minute code expiration in which case you just have to try again.